L'Association des M?decins d'Asie, AMDA, fond?e en 1984

AMDA Organization for Global Assistance and Relief

AMDA firmly recognizes the necessity for competent human resources. Since its establishment in 1984, AMDA has a wide international network and we realize that the establishment of an educational institute would be an effective way to further these global ties.

This is the first municipal government founded institute in cooperation with NGO in Japan and may contribute to the increasingly desired education for NGOs personnel. The mission of MIIC would be to contribute to the achievement of global peace and development of human resources through education and research on global problems that are currently threatening the lives in less developed countries. In pursuit of AMDA's ultimate goal, "the co-existence of diversity", MIIC is expected to serve the following three functions:
  1. To carry out effective humanitarian emergency relief activities;
  2. To provide new conceptual frameworks and practical training programmes to development practitioners; and
  3. To enhance capacities of volunteers and civil organizations, both in developing and developed countries.
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