L'Association des M?decins d'Asie, AMDA, fond?e en 1984

Global Partnership for Sustainable Peace

Global Partnership for Sustainable Peace

GPSP is AMDA’s new movement for the Open Sogo-Fujo humanitarian efforts.
It is based on broad and comprehensive network covering the four fields, which are peace building, comprehensive livelihood support, educational support, and promotion of health.
It is founded on AMDA’s 30 years of experiences in the humanitarian efforts defining the future course of actions and guidelines.

The Purpose and Meaning for the Launch of GPSP

The most important purpose of our new movement, GPSP, is to disseminate AMDA’s philosophy throughout the world.
The concept of OpenSogo-Fujo for the peaceful coexistence of diversity has always been at the core of our activities over the past 30 years.
By expanding the network and strengthening our expertise under GPSP, we are confident that we will be able to send AMDA’s message of peace to wider group of people around the world.

Secondly, to cope with the fast-changing economic environment of the world, AMDA needs to build up stronger funding basis for the future.
We also need to create a new business assistance model incorporating the business sector and commercial banks in our programs.
It means to bridge the needy communities with the real financial world bringing the poor into the mainstream of economic activities.
In order to realize this, we need the cooperation and advice from businesses and banks.
GPSP will expand its network to include these specialized fields in order to broaden our sphere of activities with stronger financial foundation.

The experiences and knowledge AMDA has cultivated since its inception in 1984 should be passed down to future peace makers of the world.
With the understanding and help of so many people around the world, AMDA has grown from its humble origin to an international NGO.
We all owe to the world and especially to our supporters to pass this tradition to our young people so that they may continue what we have begun 30 years ago.
Our young people should be given opportunities to do good for the world community, the same opportunity we were given when we were young.
The wide network of GPSP will provide AMDA and its young partners with better training and educational milieu.
With unprecedented increase in the frequency and scale of natural disasters of recent years, the methods of emergency relief must be adjusted to keep up with the ever changing needs.
Many countries now have set up their own countermeasure to cope with disasters and protect their citizens from disasters.
There are, however, still many areas left for international NGO to carry out relief activities for the affected people.
These needs can be best detected and met at local level.
Emphasis on local initiative has been the benchmark of AMDA emergency relief activities.
To empower local population for the task and make the most of the local capabilities, GPSP would incorporate more partners from diverse fields widening our network of partners at local and national levels.


GPSP's projects and fields

GPSP covers 4 Fields and 10 Projects.

Peace Building

Multi-National Medical team coordinated by AMDA and GPSP members will act to help refugees and those affected by natural disasters.
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GPSP Medicine & Soul Program, in short GPSP-MSP, will be effective approach giving comfort and health to the soul as well as to the body of the people suffering from tragic experiences of wars or natural disasters.
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Comprehensive Livelihood Support

Micro credit combined with the promotion of health insurance was AMDA's original concept. It has been successfully implemented as AMDA Bank Complex in Bangladesh and in other countries.
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"Food is the source of life" is a prerequisite for effective medicine. The model farm in Shinjo Village, Okayama, has been a successful showcase of organic farming. Safe and efficient production of organic food can revitalize the farming community in a very positive way.
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Educational Support

GPSP will build a comprehensive human resource development project involving organizations from various various countries targeted toward young people. The whole GPSP, the four fields and its ten projects, will take active part in the making of this program for the future peace makers of the world.
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Children who are not given enough opportunities to harness their motivation or potential for self- realization are what we call GPSP kids. Physical checkups, nutritional meals, sports, inter-cultural or religious events are some of the activities AMDA has incorporated in this project.
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We offer scholarship to students who are studying in the medical field. We have seen some of our scholarship recipients of the past become new contributors giving the younger generation opportunities they had once received.
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Promotion of Health

In addition to providing medical services to local population, AMDA’s medical institutions serve as the medical hub for effective GPSP operation especially in times of disaster.
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AMDA has been carrying out medical missions based on a particular need of certain group of people in need of medical services. Matching these local needs with the schedule and capacity of possible provider of medical services is the basis of AMDA’s Medical Mission.
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GPSP will provide healthcare service among people living in poverty and promote health awareness among health-illiterate population. Health is indispensable for the growth of the entire community.
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